teeter v [Varr of archaic and Brit dial titter to move unsteadily, totter (OED2 titter v.2 c1374 →). First attested in US, but prob of Engl dial origin; cf teetering pole in 1975 Viereck Lexikalische Lowman-Survey 1.141.]

also sp teter: To play at seesaw n 1; hence vbl n teetering; nouns teetering board, ~ plank, rarely tittering board = seesaw n 1. Cf teetering horse n, tiddle board n

[. . .]

as vbl n teetering: The sport of skating on yielding ice. Cf tickly-bender n

1921 Insurance Press 28 Dec 7, The publicity department of the Ætna Life has just issued a little folder on accident insurance which is quite a departure from the usual type of insurance literature. “Playing Ticklish,” the name of the folder, is taken from the game of teetering, ticklish or bendoes, as skating on thin ice is called.