face wall

face wall n Also faced wall Cf balanced wall n, double stone wall n, single wall n

A stone wall n constructed so that one or both faces are relatively smooth.

1846 Trumpet & Universalist Mag. 20 June 4, Young farmers are reminded that single walls—or balance walls stand stronger and longer than double walls, or any kind of faced walls. 1847 Boston Cultivator (MA) 30 Jan 2/1, Hon. John Reed, (Lieut. Gov.,) said that stone wall was the best fence where the materials were convenient. By splitting large stones, a good face wall could be easily made. 1934 Hanley Disks seCT, The face wall’s got a face to it. . . It’s built on one side, so to speak, and a balance wall is built on the middle and let your ends go where they will.