bear v

bear v

Std senses, var forms.

Past usu bore, occas beared; pple usu borne, occas beared.

[. . .]

In passive constr in ref to birth: usu born; also:

borned, rarely barned. Note: It is not always possible to tell from isolated instances whether the user regards borned as a form of bear or of born v 1; as a matter of convenience all passive examples are collected here. [Engl dial; cf EDD at borned v.] Sth, S Midl esp among speakers with little formal educ

1813 Amer. & Commercial Daily Advt. (Baltimore MD) 19 Apr [3]/3, [Advt:] Deserted—From the rendezvouse on Fell’s Point, Baltimore, a corporal by the name of James Few, borned in Pennsylvania, aged 28 years. 1850 in 1999 AmSp 74.274 ceSC, Now i was bornd a McCormick. it was abot en 1776. 1892 DN 1.233 KY, Borned: born. Used by illiterate persons. 1902 DN 2.229 sIL, Borned. 1903 DN 2.307 seMO, I was borned in old North Carolina. 1904 DN 2.417 nwAR, “I was borned August 8th, 1884.” (Written by a student.) 1906 DN 3.115 sIN, He was borned two years ago. 1908 DN 3.293 eAL, wGA, Borned. 1923 DN 5.202 swMO, When was the baby borned? 1938 Rawlings Yearling 126 FL, Grandma, was Oliver borned good-lookin’? 1965–70 DARE (Qu. A24) Inf MO2, Day he’s borned; KY44, Time he was borned; (Qq. Z11a, ~b) Infs KY21, LA28, NC24, Borned out of wedlock; (Qu. Z17) GA33, Bred and borned; (Qu. II21) Inf TN26, Borned in a barn. [4 Infs grade school, 3 Infs high school educ] 1965–70 DARE Tape AR56, Dad was borned eighteen and sixty-nine; CA156, Borned without horns?; GA8, You must be borned again; IN21, And I thank God that I have been borned and know what it is to be poor; MO8, I was borned over in Boone County; VA9, I was borned at Joseph ——’s stable over in Black Lake. [All Infs grade school educ] 1966 DARE FW Addit SC, He was barned in May. 1975 Newell If Nothin’ Don’t Happen 8 nwFL, Us folks had moved up to the Hammock from the little settlement out from Fort Myers where my daddy was borned. 1984 Valley Independent (Monessen PA) 4 Dec 16/1, She was borned and raised in the Pittsburgh area and attended Grove City College. 1992 Hutchinson News (KS) 11 Mar 22/4, [Advt:] Fall borned club calves by Fletch, Jelson, and Platinum. 1998 Reg.–Herald (Beckley WV) 1 Apr sec B 11/1, [Advt:] I am looking for 2 boys. . , both boys borned in Beckley Appalachian Hospital, Charles . . borned on July 3, 1977 and Shannon . . May 24. 2000 Shores Tangier Is. 248 Chesapeake Bay, Nonstandard forms showing past times are common: . . borned.


1879 (1880) Bigham Wine & Blood 78 Sth [Black], You be boun’ I be dar when you be bornded. 1883 Harris Nights with Remus 402 GA [Black], I b’leeve in my soul dey done los’ all de sense dey ever bin bornded wid. 1908 Bronson Reminiscences Ranchman 76 TX, Th’ oldest rawhide livin’, one that rid a runnin’ iron fo’ a hobby-hoss . . , ’n’ was bornded wi’ cow sense from his daddy, . . has t’ cash in his last stack o’ breath, ’n’ turn into buzzard feed ’thout learnin’ all th’ meanness plannin’ below th’ horn wrinkles ’v a moss-back. 1914 Baldwin In My Youth 14 IN (as of c1850), Could the leetle feller read as soon as he was bornded? 1935 (1944) Rawlings Golden Apples 260 FL, How the young uns gits bornded. 1950 Hutchinson News–Herald (KS) 5 Oct 4/2, I have tried for years to get in on the birth of a farm animal and it was only recently that I was on a farm when a calf was being bornded.