beanery n, also attrib

A cheap restaurant. chiefly Nth, N Midl See Map

1860 Boston Post (MA) 20 Aug [4]/3 (, John Mead broke some glass in the beanery of Mr Gilson, and threatened violence with a knife upon the proprietor. 1874 Cincinnati Commercial (OH) 9 Aug 8/5, [Advt:] Lorings Beanery. 1885 TX Siftings 12 Dec [6]/3 NYC, If eggs with hash are desired—a favorite dish, by the way, in the beaneries—the shout is: “Brown the hash—fry two on top!” 1915 DN 4.243 MT, Beanery. . . Depot restaurant. 1918 DN 5.10 KS. 1919 DN 5.22 NW. 1925 AmSp 1.38 CA, eMA. 1926 (1939) Hemingway Torrents 27 MI, Inside the door of the beanery Scripps O’Neil looked around him. 1932 Santa Fe Employes’ Mag. Jan 35, A railroad eating house is called a beanery . . ; a waitress is a beanery queen. 1940 Cottrell Railroader 119, Beanery queen—A waitress in a Beanery. 1950 WELS (A small eating place) 6 Infs, WI, Beanery. c1960 Wilson Coll. csKY, Beanery . . A cheap eating place. . . Very modern. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. D39, . . A small eating place where the food is not especially good) 44 Infs, chiefly Nth, N Midl, Beanery. 1974 Cedar Rapids Gaz. (IA) 2 June sec B 5/1, I was down town having a cup of coffee in one of the few beaneries that has survived urban renewal in Iowa City. 2003 Daily Times (Farmington NM) 30 May Off Hours sec 6/3, Other area beaneries could take a cue from this place to offer their patrons a chance to sample the burgeoning output of Four Corners artists. 2013–14 DARE Online Surv. WI Engl. (Qu. D39, What nicknames do people have around here for a small eating place where the food is not especially good?) 1 Inf, Milwaukee WI, beanery. [41 eligible Infs responded to this question, from 22 represented target communities.]
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