bealed ppl adj Also sp beeled [Scots, nIr, nEngl dial (EDD beal v.3 1.(4), SND beal, beel v., n.1 3.(1))] chiefly Appalachians, wPA, OH See Map Cf bealing n

 Infected, abscessed.

1800 in 2015 DARE File—Internet csNC, I took my knife & opened a place of my leg that was Beeld. 1858 Tyrone Star (Tyrone City PA) 28 Sept [3]/4 (, [Advt:] Du Vall’s Galvanic Oil. . . For the Cure of . . . Rheumatism, pain in the back, breast or sides, bealed breasts, Neuralgia [etc]. 1903 DN 2.349 MN, Bealed. . . Sore and suppurating, as a ‘bealed ear.’ 1928 Kingsport Times (TN) 24 Feb 8/5, Mrs. J. S. B. Smith is suffering with a bealed finger. 1946 Coshocton Tribune (OH) 6 Nov 6/3, Mrs. Lily Matthews’ son has been on the sick list with a bealed ear. 1965 Sun. Gaz.–Mail (Charleston WV) 3 Oct mag sec 15/2, His ear-shattering voice levels can be as irritating as a bealed tooth. 1965 Weller Yesterday’s People 119 sAppalachians, Other common complaints are “beeled head,” “low blood,” and “nerves.” 1965–70 DARE (Qu. BB37) 41 Infs, chiefly Appalachians, wPA, OH Bealed ear. 1979 Stegner Recapitulation 96 UT, “Maybe you could go swimming.” “Where? There’s only Warm Springs, and last time I was out there I got a bealed ear.” 1982 Barrick Coll. sePA, Bealed—infected. . . Related to boil, n. 1990 Cavender Folk Med. Lexicon 18 csAppalachians, Beal—to become infected, to fester: “My ear is bealed and feels awful.”