beal n

beal n Also sp beel [Scots, nIr, nEngl dial (EDD beal v.3 1.(1), SND beal, beel v., n.2 2)]

= bealing n.

1887 Wheeling Reg. (WV) 6 Mar [3]/4, John Seabrook . . is off work on account of a beal on his hand. 1897 Lebanon Patriot (IN) 11 Feb [2]/4 (, L. W. Tomlinson has been quite sick this week with a beal in the head. 1914 Amer. Flint Sept 27 ceOH, He worked two weeks and now he is laying off with a beal on his hand. 1942 Hench Coll. swVA, All sores were ‘beels.’ At first I thought that meant boils, but a doctor told me that they meant any kind of infection. 1967 DARE (Qu. BB37, When yellowish stuff comes out of a person’s ear, he has . . _____) Inf OH15, Beals.