basket sleigh

basket sleigh n chiefly MD, ePA old-fash Cf basket wagon n

A sleigh with a wicker body.

1836 Baltimore Gaz. & Daily Advt. (MD) 28 Jan[3]/5, [Advt:] Lost.—Last evening on the York Road, a one horse basket sleigh, painted green, with three yellow stripes. 1855 Boston Post (MA) 15 Dec [3]/8 (, [Advt:] A superior second hand basket sleigh, made in Portland, has been used but little. 1879 Chester Daily Times (PA) 20 Jan [7]/3 (, Dr. Stellwagen, of Media, drove through our principal streets with a four-in-hand, and a very large basket sleigh containing eight or ten persons. 1927 Frederick Post (MD) 3 Mar 5/3, [Advt:] 1 basket sleigh and bells. 1968 DARE (Qu. N40b) Inf MD31, Basket sleigh—cutter type, made of woven basket material; MD48, Basket sleigh—like cutter sleigh, but vehicle part made of woven basket material. 2004 Daily News–Rec. (Harrisonburg VA) 25 Sept 41/4, [Advt:] Horse drawn basket sleigh.