basement barn

basement barn n esp Inland Nth

= bank barn n.

1850 Downing Architecture Country Houses ix seNY, Model basement barn of Mr. Sayer. [Ibid 217, This building should be placed in a situation where, either naturally or artificially, the ground slopes, so that on one side, the barn is entered on the level of the ground, and on the other the stable, which is one story lower. This latter, or basement story, opens on the cattle-yard.] 1879 Milwaukee Daily News (WI) 13 Aug [4]/4 (, As soon as the funds will admit a good basement barn should be built, with sufficient room to secure at least several thousand bushels of roots for stock. 1901 VT Dairymen’s Assoc. Report 31.55, Many of you have basement barns, but, my friends, don’t build any more because we have learned how to build cheaper and better ones. 1914 IA Homestead 10 Sept 4, A subscriber . . brings up the question of basement barns, and calls special attention to the importance of installing a proper system of ventilation. 1950 WELS (A barn built on a hillside with entrances on two levels) 27 Infs, WI, Basement barn. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. M1) Infs MI116, NY206, Basement barn; IL15, Basement barn—partially underground; IA14, Basement barn—has a rock foundation partway up, about eight feet; NY75, Basement barn—cows are stabled below. 1973 Allen LAUM 1.187 (as of c1950) 1 inf, seMN, Basement barn. 2002 Gazette (Cedar Rapids IA) 17 Nov sec E 15/4, [Advt:] Outbuildings include large basement barn, shop and machine shed.