barn raising

barn raising n

also attrib: A cooperative gathering for the purpose of erecting a barn. chiefly Nth, N Midl

1822 Providence Gaz. (RI) 26 Oct 2/1, Melancholy. At a late barn raising in Chenango county (N.Y.) a young man, in a scuffle, having had his neck dislocated, he was carried in that situation to his father, . . who was so overcome by the spectacle, that he quitted his hold, when the timbers fell, and killed seven men on the spot. 1856 T.D. Price MS. Diary 28 April (DAE), Went to D.D. Keller’s barn raising. 1872 Eggleston End of the World 51 IN, I never went . . to a barn-raising, nor indeed to any of our rustic feasts. 1907 DN 4.387 IA, KY, NH, NY, neOH, VT, Barn-raising. . . A bee for the purpose of setting in place the bents . . of a barn already framed. 1913 Colman’s Rural World 66.349 KY, The grading to the afore mentioned barn was completed and the barn raising came off May 14. 1954 Walla Walla Union–Bulletin (WA) 14 Mar 7/2, The present-day barn-raising bee got underway with the sponsorship of the Fruitvale Improvement Club. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. FF2, . . Kinds of parties) 17 Infs, chiefly Nth, Barn raisings; IN45, MI106, Barn raising bees; NY36, Barn raising parties [18 of 20 Infs old]; (Qu. FF1) Infs IN32, TX33, Barn raising; (Qu. L5) Infs NY92, 213, Barn raising(s); NY1, Barn raising bee. 1971 Foxfire Spring–Summer 100 neGA, We had a house raisin’ t’ raise this house, and we had a barn raisin’ t’ raise th’ barn. 1980 Indiana Eve. Gaz. (PA) 8 Mar 6/8, An old-fashioned barn raising will be held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to replace the one destroyed by fire about six weeks ago at the Jacob family farm. 2010 Chron.–Telegram (Elyria OH) 3 Oct sec B 2/3, [Caption:] The last frame is raised into place during the barn raising of the Amelita Mirolo Barn. . . The old barn now is joined to a new building to create a 3,700-square-foot community center.
A quilt pattern: see quots. Cf log cabin n

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