bapsouse v, hence vbl nouns bapsousing, bapsouzing Also babsouse [Blend of baptize + souse immerse] joc

To baptize by immersion.

1857 Ladies’ Repository 17.254, Finding them after they had become dry, she cried out, “O you rogues, I bapsoused you and made lambs of you; but you are kittens still.” Now, Mr. Editor, I fear that many who think they become the children of God by being immersed in water, when they get dry, will be found to be of the old nature. 1881 Seymour Times (IN) 24 Dec 8/2, The article and the comments upon it have done good, as it brought the Times more prominently before the citizens of this section, and caused them to canvass more closely this doctrine of “bapsousing,” greatly to the detriment of the latter. 1886 Monroe’s Iron-Clad Age (Indianapolis IN) 5 June 2/2 MO, There is no convenient place near here to duck our christian friends, and unless they are able to hire a conveyance to the river they are babsoused in a mudhole or branch. 1906 DN 3.125 nwAR, Bapsouzin. . . Facetious for “baptizing” or baptism. “There’s going to be a bapsouzin at the creek next Sunday.” 1926 Roberts Time of Man 119 cKY, “Quit, I already been bapsoused, soused, I say.” “I saw you when you was pulled up outen the water. You looked like a drowned rat.”