checkedy adj Also checkerdy [checked or checkered + -y suff1 2] esp SMidl


1907 Messenger & Intelligencer (Wadesboro NC) 23 May [8]/2, Jeems . . bought me the purtiest red checkedy dress yew ever seen in yore born daze. 1917 Kansas City Star (MO) 3 Feb 12/1, Get out your old checkedy dress, Aunt Mandy! 1932 Times & Democrat (Orangeburg SC) 15 Dec 6/3 NC, Herndon said the two men, dressed in checkerdy-brown robes . . , were secreted under the counter of the bank. 1949 Arnow Hunter’s Horn 269 csKY, She lingered too long admiring the pretty checkerdy coats. 1968 Foxfire Fall-Winter 42 nGA, I seed that checkedy sole print in the soft ground. 1969 Nashville Tennessean (TN) 28 Mar 3/1, [Advt:] You are destined for a fun summer . . in your potpourri of cotton pique separates in white with checkedy lilac trims. 1988 Tucker Telling Memories 23 csAL [Black], If I had on a little red checkerdy gingham dress, well, then I had a big red bow on my hair, a great big one. If I had on a pink checkerdy dress, a pink bow. 2017 in 2022 DARE File WV, This post sure makes me recall picking out a flowerdy pattern from a feed sack, as I never saw one in a stripedy or checkerdy pattern.