quirly adj Also sp querly Cf quirl n, v, quirled ppl adj

Having a curled or twisted shape; covered with curls (of hair).

1813 Smith Indian Doctor’s Dispensatory xxiii, The home Ipecacuanha, or Indian Physic. . . This Ipecacuanha is a very bitter root. In a good bunch the green root will frequently be as big as a goose quill, is quirly and lumpy. 1836 Portsmouth Jrl. Lit. & Politics–Rockingham Gaz. & State Herald (NH) 21 May [3]/2, [Advt:] Stolen . . a Small Horse, . . his mane and tail a little quirly and black. 1869 NY Tribune (NY) 31 Aug 8/1, Not all our eloquence, backed by a reasonable amount of cash, could charm into our possession a certain green, quirly shell. 1880 Mower Co. Transcript (Austin MN) 20 Oct [4]/6, Querls are in vogue. The mania rages to such an extent that . . the black eyes of Grand Meadow’s pedagogue fairly scintillate when those querly-headed misses enter the school room. 1910 Putnam’s Mag. 7.484 NEng, “Oh, it must go there,” cried Kittie petulantly. “I’ve been hunting ever so long for a quirly piece with a long stem, and it just—almost—fits.” 1911 (1918) Comstock Hdbk Nature Study 781 NY, Does the spray [of an apple tree] stand erect or is it gnarled and querly? 1948 Eifert Invitation Birds 13 IL, The mallards are brilliant—bright green-satin heads, a white ring around the neck, a russet breast, quirly black tail feathers, a blue patch on each wing.