quirl rug

quirl rug n Cf quirl v 3, 7

A type of rag rug; see quot 1967.

1967 Brattleboro Daily Reformer & VT Phoenix 22 Sept 8/5, The little known quirl rug technique is being revived in Extension Homemaker groups. . . The method probably was devised by Scottish people since the name quirl is Scottish for a twist or a coil. It was used in the maritime provinces of Canada, where the Scottish influence is strong, well over a century ago. . . The first step is to cut a large quantity of bias strips. . . These strips are threaded on to a length of good quality rug thread with a half inch running stitch. Each is pushed to the knotted end of the thread and quirled or twisted around the thread. When enough pieces are packed firmly on the thread to make the length of strip you need the strip is sewn down to the backing material. 1968 N. Adams Transcript (MA) 23 Jan 7/6, Mrs. Goldie Kingsley . . gave a demonstration on quirl rug making. 1970 Bennington Banner (VT) 16 Sept 3/2, After lunch . . there will be demonstrations and action exhibits on quirl rugs . . , making yarn hats . . , and creative stitchery.