guzzle hole

guzzle hole n [ guzzle n 3 + hole n 1b] coastal MA, ME

A deep place in a guzzle n 3; a small inlet or harbor.

1866 Bangor Daily Whig & Courier (ME) [6 Feb 3]/3, Belfast is situated in a little guzzle hole fed by two brooks, and is usually closed with ice from camp meeting week till June. 1877 Portland Daily Press (ME) [23 July 2]/1, We pull ashore on Beal’s Island. . . We cross a guzzle hole left by the ebbing tide to Allen’s Island [appar = Great Wass Is.] and trailing through a swampy wood recah [sic] the other side of the island and the open sea. 1908 Wasson Home from Sea 94 ME coast, It shut in thick-a-fog on me one time out here abreast of Metinic, and I kep’ off and followed a fisherman clean up into this ’ere little guzzle-hole. . . It’s kind of narrow-contracted like, so ’s I never see no sight to git out with my vessel for goin’ on four weeks’ time, and it lays a grain open to the east’ard; but the bottom is nothin’ only blue clay, and I guess likely we can make out to hold her to anchor someways. 1942 Field & Stream July 30 Cape Cod MA, “You got to find the guzzle holes,” he said. . . “Guzzle holes,” he went on to explain, “are deep spots in between the sand bars where the bass hang out to feed.” 1975 Gould ME Lingo 119, Guzzle hole—A basin or inlet with some kind of population, thus better than an eel rut and larger than a gunkhole. 1982 Field & Stream Mar 46/3 Cape Cod MA, We learned about bars and pockets—which we called guzzle holes—where stripers came to feed.