coverhaul n, freq pl Also sp coverhall Cf overhauls n pl (rarely sg exc in attrib use)

A coverall.

1901 Richmond Dispatch (VA) [8 Dec] 19/4, And what shall I say of the afghans and shawls, / The pincushions, slippers, and bright coverhalls. [This poem, originally written in 1865, is reprinted from the Baltimore Sun, where the last word appears as “coveralls.”] 1935 Sheboygan Press (WI) 20 Dec 8/6, Letters To Santa Claus. . .I am three years old, and I would like . . a pair of bedroom slippers, a coverhaul, some little cars, a picture book, and a tree and candy and nuts. 1945 Sun (Baltimore MD) 6 May sec A 15/1, [Advt:] Experienced Single Needle Operators on coverhalls, shirts and slacks. 1955 Traverse City Rec.–Eagle (MI) 26 July 18/3, [Advt:] 16 Toddlers 1 piece coverhaul suits. 1962 Tampa Times (FL) 23 Apr 6/1, [Caption:] Thomas Addison, in metal hat and coverhauls, inspects damage to the bow of the Atlantic Reefer at the City Dock. 1966–70 DARE (Qu. W9, A work garment, usually of blue cloth, covering the legs and sometimes the chest, worn by farmers) Infs ME6, 9, MO23, NJ7, OH2, Coverhauls. 1972 Sedalia Democrat (MO) 24 Oct suppl sec 4/3, [Advt:] Men’s Insulated Coverhaul—Choose from OD Green or Black. 2020 Bismarck Tribune (ND) 21 Nov sec D 2/5, [Advt:] Insulated Coverhauls Med for $10 & XL for $20.