costive adj [cost expense + -ive] Cf costivity n


1834 Amer. Advocate (Hallowell ME) 31 Dec [2]/4 TN, A countryman reading a newspaper in Randolph, Tenn., was asked why he did not subscribe for it, as it was a good paper. “Why yes,” replied the countryman, “I like it, it ’s right fine, but I thinks it is a leetle too costive.1870 Keepapitchinin 2.45/2 UT, A good layer of Timothy or Clover does very well to finish the outside with, but it is rather too “costive” for the filling. 1898 Whitson Rolinda 270 IN, My black bombazine’s the most costive goods they ever brung on hure to town. 1933 AmSp 8.1.48 Ozarks, Costive. . . Expensive, costly. 1935 Chino Champion (CA) 26 July 1/1, [Headline:] Alternate Routes in Valley Are Seen as Too Costive Compared With Foothills. 1943 PA Angler Aug 19, We personally find the loss of baits too costive to long contemplate tournament jobs. 1947 Ballowe The Lawd 197 LA, Ah got hit f’um a fust-class obeah man, long time ago an’ hit was costive. He say it was wuth the money. 1962 AL Jrl. (Montgomery) 9 Aug sec A 4/1, A magnificent safety job has been done along this line, but as one of our local business men used to say, “it is too costive.” 1968 Moody Horse 228 nwKS (as of c1920), I wouldn’t mind havin’ a set of ’em my own self, but they’re a lot too costive to give away with sausage and lard compound and the likes of that.