corduroy fence

[Note: This entry was previously corduroy hedge.]

corduroy fence n Also corduroy rail fence

A fence consisting of horizontal poles fixed to posts.

1872 U.S. Dept. Ag. Rept. of Secy. for 1871 505, The worm-fence again predominates in Missouri, amounting to 74 per per [sic] cent., while there is 26 per cent. of board-fence, and “corduroy” (poles nailed to posts)[,] hedge, post and slat, stone, palings, “rough and ready,” and fancy styles. 1875 Curley Nebraska 351, I have seen “post-and-pole” or “corduroy” fence to a considerable extent in prairie regions. The poles are taken from young plantations of a few years’ growth, cut to the required length, and flattened at the ends for nailing. One end of a panel goes outside of one post, and the other end goes inside the next, so that the poles of the several panels do not interfere with each other. 1917 Nemaha Co. Herald (Auburn NE) [9 Mar 7]/1 (as of 1876), After harvest I returned to my job with Mr. Engles where I helped him make corduroy rail fence until corn picking time.