cute v Cf cooter v 5

?To flatter or ingratiate oneself with (someone).

1930 Kansas City Times (MO) 19 June 8/4 Ozarks, [O. O. McIntyre column:] The same informant tells me of complimenting a lanky Ozarkian on the beauty of his young daughter who peeped shyly from the cabin door. “She’s all right, I reckon,” he drawled, “but she has been cuted too much”—meaning too many of the admiring swains had told her she was cute. 1935 Kansas City Times (MO) 23 Sept 6/3 Ozarks, [O. O. McIntyre column:] An old settler was sitting barefoot in his doorway, whittling and alternatively picking ticks from his houn’ dog. As they talked, a pig-tailed girl in a flour sack dress . . kept peeking around the cabin corner and darting from tree to tree like a wood nymph. Finally the old man explained: “She’s trying to cute you.”