quiler n Also coiler, quoiler [sEngl dial (EDD coilers, also quilers, quoilers “The breeching; the chain attached to the breeching of a harness”); cf coil v1, n1] chiefly ePA, sNJ

One of the straps that connects the breeching of a horse harness to the shaft or pole; a breeching strap or holdback.

1760 PA Gaz. (Philadelphia) [13 Mar 5]/1, [Advt:] A large black horse, . . shod all round, and has been used in a Waggon, being chafed with the coilers. 1763 Ibid [23 June 3]/3, [Advt:] Two Brewers Drays, with Cart Saddle and Quilers, Tug Hames, Blind Halters, &c. 1821 Natl. Gaz. & Lit. Reg. (Philadelphia PA) [8 June 3]/4, [Advt:] Was Stolen . . a handsome Dark Bay Mare. . . On her off quarter the skin has been rubbed off by the quoilers or breechband in a small round spot. 1844 Columbia Democrat (Bloomsburg PA) [29 June 3]/4, [Advt:] One sett of quilers. 1857 Lancaster Examiner & Herald (PA) [1 July 4]/5, [Advt:] Hames, Halters, Sideplates, Coilers, Cruppers, Backbands [etc]. 1876 Morning Herald (Wilmington DE) 24 July 1/5, The quiler catch on the shafts gave way, leaving the wagon run upon the horse, who also gave way very rapidly. 1889 AN&Q 3.255 sNJ, Still more remarkable is the fact that the leather bands which hold the traces to the shafts are ‘hold backs’ in rocky North Jersey, and ‘quilers’ in sandy South Jersey. 1890 Post (Camden NJ) 22 Sept 1/3, The quiler . . broke . . , and the horse became unmanageable and ran madly down Federal street. 1923 Central News (Perkasie PA) [18 Apr 9]/6, [Advt:] 2 sets single harnes [sic], traces, quiler harness [etc]. 1969 DARE Tape NJ56, I told you what a quiler was, but I’ll tell you again. It’s a part of harness that fastens to the shaft so the single horse is in between two shafts and the quiler is fastened to the shaft—also fastened to the breechin’s of the harness so the horse can back the wagon. There must be some leeway between the trace length and the quiler, because the horse is—goin’ frontward he’s governed by the trace; goin’ backward he’s governed by the breechin’, he’s in between, see, with a little bit of play, maybe four or five inches of play. But that word quiler, you can’t find in the dictionary.