compoodle n [Var of caboodle n] chiefly S Midl, Cent old-fash

= caboodle n.

1868 Bolivar Bulletin (TN) 22 Feb [4]/3, Ques. Where is the whole infamous compoodle bound? Ans. To the —— grandpapa of Radicalism! 1883 Lexington Weekly Intelligencer (MO) 7 July [2]/3, The Times promises to prove the whole compoodle of ’em to be what it has called them, “thieves.” 1890 DN 1.64 KY, Compoodle [kɑmˈpudḷ]. . . “He cleaned out (i.e. whipped out) the whole compoodle.” 1908 DN 3.300 eAL, wGA, Compoodle. . . Same as caboodle. 1910 Johnson Highways Rocky Mts. 55 OK, There’s only one Indian I know of in the whole compoodle of ’em who’ll mow his own grass. 1914 DN 4.104 KS, It would take the whole compoodle to equal him. 1922 Hayti Herald (MO) 24 Feb 1/6, The reason the ticket wasn’t put out was because the “master minds” got “cold feet,” and backed up, because they feared the whole compoodle would go down in defeat. 1943 S. Democrat (Oneonta AL) 4 Mar [10]/3, As I don’t seem able to find the time to write each individually, this letter . . is going to b[e] a “direct from the shoulder” response to the whole compoodle en masse.