born-here n Cf been-here n, come-here n

A native of a community.

1968 Jackson Sun (TN) 28 Nov 4/6, [Paul Harvey column:] But, ironically, they are again victims of discrimination. In Liberia, the “come-heres” are resented by the “born-heres.” 1994 Reiger Heron Hill 177 seVA, Barbara, Christopher, and I have been accepted by a more crucial committee of born-heres: the local mosquitoes. 1998 Springfield News–Leader (MO) 26 Apr sec G 1/6, Despite the progress inflicted on us born-heres in the last decade or so, few would argue the News-Leader’s credo: “’Tis a privilege to live in the Ozarks.” 2007 Daily Times (Salisbury MD) 24 Jan sec A 6/5, [Letter:] The born-heres, been-heres and come-heres need to realize the big boys (builders) are here. . . Change is here. You can say leave if you don’t like it, but the born-heres are the ones who will change, either dying off or being paid off. 2017 Hesse Amer. Fire 13 seVA, A Come Here, even one who had been raised on the shore since toddlerhood, could never hope to be thought of as a Born Here. After putting in several decades, they might eventually gain the status of a Been Here, but only maybe.