long green

long green n Also long green hellgrammite; abbr greeny WI Cf hellgrammite n 3

The nymph of a dragonfly n of the family Aeshnidae, often used as bait.

1961 Oshkosh Daily Northwestern (WI) 4 Aug 16/7, [Advt:] Bloechl’s Live Bait. . . Helgramites / Thunderbug / Long Greens and Spiders. 1988 Sheboygan Press (WI) 24 July 38/5, “Long-greens” have been the ticket to some solid perch fishing in 15 feet of water on Lake Winnebago. 2003 Portage Daily Reg. (WI) 26 July sec B 9/5, [Advt:] Now available; Hellgrammites/$1 a dozen. Long-greens/$2 a dozen. 2011 in 2020 DARE File—Internet seWI, The “spiders” were called thunderbugs by some old timers—we also caught the “greenies” which were long and slender, bur [sic] the spiders were by far more popular. 2014 Ibid WI, While real hellgrammites are also around, the dragon fly larvae either spider or what we call long-green (pictured) are common. 2020 DARE File—Internet seWI, [Advt:] Hellgrammites. . . Spider Hellgrammites AKA—Rockflies, Thunderbugs. . . Long Green Hellgrammites AKA—Dragonfly Larva.