gogglegoy n Also, perh erron, gogglehoy

= hellgrammite n 1. Note: While this term frequently appears in later lists of names for the hellgrammite, further evidence of actual use is lacking.

1881 Harrisburg Daily Independent (PA) 29 Mar 1/6, Even the crab, as the up-country people call it—and that never-to-be-distinguished-by-name creature, (but the best of baits for bass), the gogglegoy, the helgramite or the dobson, may be found along the river banks in countless numbers in the spring following a moderate winter. 1882 Amer. Angler (Ed. Harris) 2.53 cwNJ, We sum up—Corydalis cornutus, is his baptismal scientific name, but he is also called: . . Goggle Goy [at] Tumble, N. J. 1898 Amer. Angler (Ed. Harris) 28.177 PA, It is generally called the Helgramite or Dobson in the East, and “devil scratcher” in Pennsylvania, where it is also the “gogglehoy.” [DARE Ed: Both this and the preceding were almost certainly written by the editor, William C. Harris, who uses both gogglegoy and gogglehoy in later writings. There are other instances in which he may reasonably be suspected of having misread or misremembered items from his 1882 list of names for the hellgrammite.]