[Note: This entry replaces the entry amly.]

anaconda n Also abbr andy

= hellgrammite n 1; hence n flying andy the adult dobsonfly n. Note: The form andy (or obvious misreadings such as amly, arnly, and amile) appears freq in later lists of names of the hellgrammite, but further evidence of actual use is lacking.

1882 Amer. Angler (Ed. Harris) 2.87 csWI, [Letter:] It remains however for the bare-legged boys of the vicinity to give it the most euphonious name, they call it the “anaconda,” and as the name “anaconda” requires some little time and effort in its enunciation they have briefed it to “Andy.” The larvæ then, or the helgramite is called “The Andy”—and the fledged insect, the corydalis cornutus is called the “flying andy.” H. McElory. Janesville, Wis.