reedamite n Also redam(m)ite, redemite, redimite, redomite, reedimite, reedmite, reedomite; abbr reed [Appar blend of reed (in reference to the appearance of the case) + hellgrammite n] chiefly MI

caseworm n that makes a tubular case of plant material, often used as ice-fishing bait.

1938 Detroit Free Press (MI) 20 Feb sport sec 7/3, In Kalamazoo and Branch counties, these caddis fly larvae may be quite properly called “reedamites,” since the cases look as if sections of reed have been cut and the larva is inside. Actually this reed-like case is not a piece of reed at all, but sections of flat leaf rolled up and glued together. 1940 Battle Creek Enquirer & News (MI) 12 Dec 26/6, [Advt:] Wanted—Wood grubs, reedmites, holgermites. 1947 State Jrl. (Lansing MI) 20 Feb 30/3, [Advt:] Fishermen—reedimites, caddis, wigglers, speck and pike minnows. 1947 Ibid 19 Apr 6/9, [Advt:] Fisherman—Minnows, worms, crawlers, caddis and redamite nymphs, crabs and helgromites. 1948 Ibid 24 Dec 23/1, [Advt:] Redimites, 40c doz. 1953 Schultz Notes Live Baits 27 MI, Caddis larvae may be found in fresh water streams, lakes, and ponds. To the fisherman they are known as redammites, caddis, stone caddis, and stick caddis. 1954 Minneapolis Sun. Tribune (MN) 17 Jan sec E 4/6, Meanwhile, the gill fishermen are continuing their experimentation with such items as meal worms, bee larvae, reedamites [etc]. 1954 Battle Creek Enquirer & News (MI) 7 Feb sec 3 3/5, Wigglers, that might become May flies, cost 20 cents a dozen; redemites twice that; and corn borers are as rare as silk worms, and just about as costly. 1958 Ibid 20 Apr fishing sec 4/3, Wigglers and redomites are found on creek bottoms. 2009 in 2020 DARE File—Internet MI, We used to use reedomites with good success back in the “old days” too but it seems no one knows anything about them today. 2009 Ibid MI, I have used reeds for many years. . . The reedamites in the little tan and green reed are the ones to use.