hojack n

1 = hellgrammite n 1. chiefly ePA, seNY ?old-fash

[1876 Eve. Gaz. (Pt. Jervis NY) 20 June [2]/2, Pond Eddy and Vicinity. . . —The “Clippers” of Barryville met the “Hojacks” of this place here last Saturday for a match game of base-ball.] 1877 Sunbury Gaz. (PA) [14 Sept 4]/1, What Mr. Scott terms the “Algomite,” is named by many of our fishermen as “Helgamite,” “Hojack,” “Nipper” and “Crampuss.” 1882 Amer. Angler (Ed. Harris) 2.53, Corydalis cornutus, is his baptismal scientific name, but he is also called: . . Ho Jack [at] Carlisle, Pa., [Ho Jack at] Pond Eddy, Pa. 1889 York Dispatch (PA) 26 July [4]/2, The furnishing of bait to fishermen has become quite a profitable business. Stone catties, hojacks, and crabs, are the favorite bait, and sometimes the demand exceeds the supply. 1909 Sun (NY NY) 14 Mar sec 3 12/6 seNY, A clipper is called a clipper in Pike county [PA] . . . Unimpressionable people over in Sullivan county, N. Y., call it hojack, and further up the valley they call it dobson—weak and meaningless both. 1910 Daily New Era (Lancaster PA) 7 July 5/6, [Advt:] Live Bait For Sale. . . Catfish, . . Chubs, . . Crabs and Hojacks. 1936 Bergen Eve. Rec. (Hackensack NJ) 10 June 21/3, Favorite live baits [for bass] still include the “small green frog”, . . hojacks or helgramites, lamprey eels, newts, grasshoppers, crayfish, crickets, and worms. 1944 Altoona Tribune (PA) 3 Apr 4/2, The ‘Waltonians’ usually fished from boats, the best bait being ho-jacks, called up the Juniata ‘Hellcramites’ [sic]. 1950 York Dispatch (PA) 25 Nov 10/4, In hunting hojacks you need a hoe, a bucket, and a net.

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