catstone n [By metath from stonecat] sePA ?old-fash

= stone catfish n 1.

1877 York Daily (PA) 25 Aug 1/2, The majority of the fish contained in the miniature pond are of the rare and valuable species known as cat-stones. 1890 York Gaz. (PA) [11 July 4]/1, We were shown yesterday by Mr. William Hartman . . a white catstone which he caught while fishing for bait. In all his experience in catching bait he says it is the first white catstone he ever saw. 1904 York Dispatch (PA) 14 Sept 5/3, Just here it may be said that the man who wants to catch bass had better leave catstones or stone rollers at home. The bass will not take them as long as the young shad are coming down the river on their journey to the sea. 1921 New Oxford Item (PA) 30 June 1/5, Reports indicate that catstones, minnows and chubs are scarce. 1942 Sun. News (Lancaster PA) 13 Sept 16/7, Trolling catstones, if you’re one of those lucky fellows who knows where to find them, is the last word in salmon fishing. 1960 Eve. Sun (Hanover PA) 14 June 13/4, Judging by past results, we recommend minnows, worms or catstones.