bogart n1

bogart n1 Also boger(t) [Engl dial boggart hobgoblin, specter] ePA, nNJ obs

= hellgrammite n 1.

1882 Amer. Angler (Ed. Harris) 2.53 cePA, We sum up—Corydalis cornutus, is his baptismal scientific name, but he is also called: . . Bogert [at] Portland, Pa. Ibid 2.167 cePA, The Boger, Algamite [at] The Delaware Water Gap. 1884 Harris Angler’s Guide 166 cePA, Delaware Water Gap. . . [W]orms, bogarts, small fish, crickets etc. as baits. . . Bogarts are helgramites. 1885 Dayton Daily Herald (OH) 23 Oct [4]/6, [From a humorous sketch reprinted from the NY Sun and set in cnNJ:] At his left was a can containing a score of hideous water insects known as bogerts or helgramites, and a basket in which two fine black bass were lying upon a bed of oak leaves. 1896 Beard Outdoor Games 123, Cover the bottom of the box with dry gravel, and dump in your dobsons, clippers, bogerts, or hellgramites, as the larva or young corydalus is variously called, according to the part of the country you happen to be in.