ticklish n Cf ticklish adj, ticklish-bender n

The game of running or skating over broken or yielding ice.

1921 Insurance Press 28 Dec 7, The publicity department of the Ætna Life has just issued a little folder on accident insurance which is quite a departure from the usual type of insurance literature. “Playing Ticklish,” the name of the folder, is taken from the game of teetering, ticklish or bendoes, as skating on thin ice is called. 1929 Ludwig Playmates 104 OH, Skating at times was too tame, and to liven things up we would cut holes in the ice, blocks of about four feet square and about five inches thick, usually four or five blocks. Running across these was called playing ticklish. After the surface of these blocks was washed over three or four times they sure were slippery.