meat club

meat club n Cf beef club n, quartering n

An organization of farmers who take turns furnishing an animal for slaughter, the meat of which is divided among the members.Note: In quot 1875 below, small-meat refers to meat other than beef and poultry, hence the contrast with beef club.

[1875 Lippincott’s Mag. Pop. Lit. & Sci. 16.444 SC, There is no market, and none is needed. Beef and “small-meat” clubs are organized, and each member kills as his turn comes, and sends the “roster” to the next in order with his allotted cut or joint.] 1883 Leigh 10 Yrs. GA Plantation 143 SC, There was a meat club, which everyone belonged to, and to which everyone contributed in turn, either an ox or a sheep a week, which was then divided equally, each house receiving in turn a different part, so that all fared alike. 1890 Centralia Enterprise & Tribune (WI) 18 Oct [16]/4 (, A carcass of mutton is easily disposed of among three or four neighbors who can take turns in slaughtering. Meat clubs have been formed in many localities with good results. 1919 IN Farmer’s Guide 31.1605, Organizing a meat club is a good way to secure fresh meat at a reasonable cost in the country. Cooperative beef clubs have been successfully conducted in many places. 1933 Brainerd Daily Dispatch (MN) 22 Nov 13/5, There are meat clubs now which cure meat and exchange meat so that the members always have all the meat that they want from their own stockyards.