lint rent

lint rent n

A standing rent n paid as a fixed quantity of ginned cotton.

1902 Amer. Economic Assoc. Pub. 3d ser 3.1.251 cw, nwMS, The land is rented for a fixed sum per acre, varying . . from five to seven dollars. Where a lint rent is taken it varies from eighty to one hundred pounds. Generally speaking, the supervision over a renter is not as strict as that over a cropper, and as soon as his account is paid his cotton is at his own disposal. 1920 U.S. Dept. Ag. Farmers’ Bulletin 1164.4, Standing rent—sometimes called “lint rent”—is a modified form of cash rent. . . The landlord gets the same amount no matter how large or how small the crop. . . Unlike true cash rent, however, the actual rent received by the landlord . . is subject to variation due to changes in the prices of the products received as rent.