business n Pronc-spp chiefly Sth, S Midl bidness, bidniss, bi’ness Cf Pronc Intro 3.I.17, be v C1b, 2a, 2b, cousin n A2

Std senses, var forms.


1901 Hoosier Democrat & Clark Co. Rec. (Charlestown IN) 20 Dec 1/2, Gentlemen, just go and ’tend you’ own bidness. 1922 Gonzales Black Border 22 sSC, GA coasts [Gullah], You got enny mo’ ’pawtun’ bidness dat ’quire my ’tenshun? 1941 AmSp 16.9 eTX [Black], Business [ˈbɪ̃:nɪ˅s]. 1968 Jet 26 Dec 58 [Black], Taking care of business (or taking care of bi’ness, or TCBing) is a hip black ghetto term meaning the brother . . is really got his thing together. 1974 Fields Cry of Angels 331 nGA, Well, we come to talk a little bi’ness. 1980 Laurel Leader–Call (MS) 6 Aug 1/4, “Business”: That is fine unless you are describing a Southern male involved in the selling and trading of previously owned automobiles. Then, he is in the used car bidness. 1982 Walker Color Purple 14 GA [Black], She look like I ast something none of my bidniss. 2000 Kingsolver Prodigal Summer 71 sAppalachians, No, no bid’ness of hers. . . [W]hat does she have to do with it? 2013 Lamb We Are Water 386 CT [Black], You just gonna go into wherever Mr. Hector stops so you can do your bidness. 2015 Tyler Spool Blue Thread 45 MD, Mr. Brill traveled frequently on “bidness,” as Junior called it.