bellows bug

bellows bug n SW [From its shape and ability to expand as it sucks blood]

= assassin bug n.

1914 in 1917 AZ Ag. Exper. Sta. Bulletin 83.376 SW, In many parts of the Southwest there is a large relative of the bedbug, known as the blood-sucking conenose . . . Other common names for this insect are “Arizona bedbug,” “bellows bug,” and “Arizona tiger.” 1947 Dodge Poisonous Dwellers 19 Desert SW, Kissing Bug . . . Bellows Bug . . . (Triatoma species). 1967 Bourne Woman in Levi’s 163 AZ, The worst [insects] are scorpions, black widows, tarantulas, burning worms, and bellows bugs—also known as “Hualapai tigers,” or, in Spanish, chinches. 2005 Taber–Fleenor Invertebrates Cent. TX Wetlands 250 cTX, Other common names for T. sanguisuga include Texas bedbug, . . bellows bug [etc].