beading oil

beading oil n Also bead oil

Any of various substances added to cheap liquor to produce the bead n 3 believed to be characteristic of good whiskey.

1881 New Remedies 10.301, For the purpose of giving to liquor the peculiar property of holding a bead or bubbles, a so-called bead-oil is used. 1885 Fleischman Art Blending 22, The lowest grade of whiskey in the market is generally composed of the following ingredients: Spirits, 32 gallons. Water, 16 d[itt]o. Sugar Coloring, 4 ounces. Beading Oil, 1 d[itt]o. 1949 AmSp 24.8 KY [Argot of the moonshiner], Beading oil. . . Oil added to low-proof liquor to make the bead appear as if the liquor were 100 proof. . . ‘When the bootleggers get it, they’ll slip a little beading oil in it and two parts water.’ 1972 Foxfire Book 333 nGA, We use what we call ‘mule feed’ for malt, and we add beading oil to make it bead good.