Basco n, also attrib Also Bascal, Basko [Prob < Span Vasco (pronc [ˈbasko]), though the var bascal is hard to explain] chiefly NW

A person of Basque heritage.

1888 Pacific Reporter 17.644 CA, It appears that in 1873 one T. N. Beatty . . conveyed the land in controversy to one John Urquilux, who was one of three partners commonly known as the “Bascos,” probably from their nationality. 1915 Twin Falls Times (ID) 30 Apr 1/1, The next [victim] was a Basco sheepherder who was sick two days in camp before coming to town. 1931 AmSp 6.230 neOR, ‘Bascals’ are herdsmen from a certain province in Spain. 1967 DARE Tape OR11, [FW:] Does . . the name Jordan Valley come from a Basque name? . . What’s the Basque name? [Inf:] Basco [ˈbæsko] just the same. [FW:] What do they call it? [Inf:] Jordan Valley; OR18, My folks are Bascos [ˈbæskoz]. 1967–69 DARE (Qu. HH28, Names and nicknames . . for people of foreign background) Inf WY3, Basco—Basque; (Qu. K85, The call to sheep to come in from the pasture) Inf CA136, Heard clucking noise—made by old Basco down in valley—but never use special one myself. 1977 Reno Eve. Gaz. (NV) 26 Feb sec B 3/4, I’m an American now, but I’m a Basco, too. . . They make a lot of Bascos here now but not me, I’m imported. 1980 DARE File sID (as of 1960s), There were quite a few Basque people in the Boise Valley. They were a highly respected minority, and were often affectionately called Bascos. 1981 KS Qrly. 13.2.64 nNV, Basco . . a Spanish or French Basque or person of Basque background; the term of preference for many Basques themselves. 2000 Launspach ID Dial. Project 6 seID, (Terms for Basque people) 7 infs, Basko(s); 1 inf, Bascals. 2013 Portales News–Tribune (NM) 12 May 3/4 nwNV, After a day’s work we would go to the bunkhouse. . . Baskos, cowboys, prospectors, farm hands, fugitives, mechanics, loners and visiting veterinarians sat around the 12′ table talking and joking up a storm.