barn hill

barn hill n Cf barn bridge n, bridge wall n, wharfing n

A solid ramp or embankment that gives access to the upper floor of a barn.

1900 Springfield Daily Republican (MA) 11 Apr 5/1, Mrs Schneelock testified that she heard loud talking in the barn. . . On approaching the barn she saw “Georgie” and Murphy on the “barn hill.” 1915 Courier–Crescent (Orrville OH) 13 July 1/1, Mr. and Mrs. Musser and child had arrived at the foot of the barn hill with the last load of hay of this season’s crop, and attached to the wagon was the hay loader. 1941 Lock Haven Express (PA) 9 July 7/4, Alva came in from the barn one day last week with a big one [=a rattlesnake] on his pitchfork. Said it was dozing on the barn hill where you drive onto the threshing floor. 1961 Appleton Post–Crescent (WI) 30 June 5/2, The barn hill—the stone and earth ramp leading to the loft—is being donated by a nearby farmer. 1965 PA Folklife 14.3.21, The terms “barn bridge” and “barn hill” would seem to be traditional terms in Pennsylvania. Barn bridge is the more general term, “barn hill” I have heard in Lancaster County. 1984 MJLF 10.146 cnWI, Barn hill. The stone ramp going up to the barn floor. 1994 Gettysburg Times (PA) 22 Apr sec A 5/3, For a second I though [sic] he was knocked out, but then he got up. My brother had just ridden his bike off our five-foot barn hill.