bamboo vine

bamboo vine n Cf bamboo n

Any of several greenbriers (Smilax spp).

1841 Godey’s Lady’s Book 23.121 SC, Here is the yellow jessamine, . . the snowy clematis, the bamboo vine with its dark glossy leaves, sharp thorns and scarlet berries, with the luxuriant and odorous muscadine. 1853 Hammett Stray Yankee in TX 22, [I aided] his rude attempts at road-making whenever a mass of bullbrier or bamboo-vines . . called for action. 1883 Harris Nights with Remus 127 GA [Black], He aint gone long ’fo he come hoppin’ back wid a whole passel er bamboo vines all tied tergedder. 1897 Jrl. Amer. Folkl. 10.145 cTX, Smilax Bona-nox . . bamboo vine. 1928 Daily Herald (Biloxi MS) 9 Mar 2/1, Quantities of narcissus and bamboo vine were attractively used in decoration and a delicious lunch was served after the games. 1950 Robesonian (Lumberton NC) 12 May 1/4, From the point where the vehicle first left the pavement it traveled for thirty feet before entering a tangled thicket of scrub trees and bamboo vine. 1950 PADS 14.74 FL, Bamboo vine. . . The smilax, the tender tips of which are cooked and eaten for greens. c1960 Wilson Coll. csKY, Bamboo-vine (or brier): Sawbrier, wild smilax, cat brier. “I tore my pants on a bamboo vine.” 1960 Vines Trees SW 76, Smilax lanceolata . . Also known under the vernacular names of . . Bamboo-vine. Ibid 77, Smilax auriculata . . Vernacular names . . [include] Bamboo-vine. 1985 News Herald (Panama City FL) 3 Nov sec B 2/4, Another of the vines is the bamboo vine or smilex [sic] which is fast-growing. It also bears a tiny round black berry which is not edible. 2004 Austin FL Ethnobotany 631, For obscure reasons, these climbers [=Smilax spp] are also called wild bamboo (Florida) or bamboo [vine] (Florida, Carolinas).