bamboo brier

bamboo brier n Also bramboo brier Cf bamboo n, China brier n

Any of various greenbriers.

1728 (1922) Byrd Descr. Dismal 18 VA, NC, The skirts of the Dismal towards the east were overgrown with reeds ten or 12 feet high, interlaced everywhere with strong bamboe-bryers, in which the men’s feet were perpetually intangled. 1840 (1847) Longstreet GA Scenes 74, This came . . over me like a rake of bamboo briers. 1872 (1973) Thompson Major Jones’s Courtship 165 GA, They would be left hangin by ther whiskers in the bamboo briars, like so many Absaloms of old. 1925 Lubbock Morning Avalanche (TX) 20 Dec 2/2, Children as well as grown-ups will search out the gay colored ilex or holly . . , the black and red haws, Indian currant, Sumac . . [,] bamboo briers, bleeding heart and last but by no means least, the happy mistletoe. 1936 Sikeston Std. (MO) 3 Nov [7]/3 ( [Black], ’Bout dat time dey seen some scouts jumpin’ out de winder an’ a-headin’ fer de thicket of bamboo briars an’ tare blanket growin’ up back behind de house. 1945 Democrat 4 Jan 2/2 (DA) AL, His progress was slowed up by a multitude of bamboo briers. 1950 PADS 14.16 SC, Bramboo briar. . . The bamboo briar. 1975 Newell If Nothin’ Don’t Happen 100 nwFL, Unless a feller has been through the middle of that swamp, he just don’t know what a real rough, bad place is like. . . Every tree is hung with bamboo briar. 2008 News Courier (Athens AL) 19 Oct sec A 4/3, He enjoyed telling about one Depression family living in the community that barked like hounds while chasing a rabbit into a hollow log and then twisting it out with a bamboo briar.