bagging sack

Note: This entry was previously bagging (sack).

bagging sack n [bagging a coarse material suitable for making bags and widely used in the South for wrapping bales of cotton] chiefly Sth

A coarse cloth sack.

1832 NY Amer. (NY) 13 Sept [2]/6, [Advt:] 2090 Hemp Bagging Sacks, for sale by C. H. Russell & Co. 1859 NC Planter 2.315, The grapes are mashed in large troughs . . ; pummace put into common bagging sacks and pressed out with the lever beam, like the old way of making cider. 1877 U.S. Congress Serial Set 1755.30.205 nwLA, Henry Ellison . . (one of the Bossier refugees,) states that he was present when two colored men buried the remains of a whole family, man, woman, and four children, that floated down the Red River to Reube White Point, in 1868, in a bagging sack. 1892 FL Agriculturist (Jacksonville) 13 Jan 26/3, It is great fun to hunt them [=crabs]. Some dark night you take a lantern, some shingles and a bagging sack. 1937 in 1974 Amer. Slave 12.320 GA [Black], We all wrapped our feet in bagging sacks to help keep them warm. 1966–69 DARE (Qu. F19, A cloth container for grain) Inf MS45, Bagging sack; TX62, Bagging sack—chicken, cowfeed sacks are still sold in bags which are fine enough to make cup towels and dresses out of. They wear like linen, come in nice prints; (Qu. F20, A cloth container for feed) Inf TX62, Bagging sack. 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance (Sack—made of cloth) 2 infs, MS, Bagging sack; (Tow sack—made of rough cloth) 7 infs, AL, GA, LA, MS, Bagging sack. [7 of 9 total infs Black] 1999 (2004) Hall Conecuh People 29 ceAL [Black], I didn’t have no saddle, so I’d get me two or three bagging sacks and fold em and throw em ’cross the mule and set on them. [Based on an interview held in 1977 with a man born c1915]