bad disease

bad disease n Also bad disorder

A venereal disease.

1811 Republican & Savannah Eve. Ledger (GA) 11 May [2]/1, [Advt:] It is likewise sovereign in a certain bad disease, which, be it ever so inveterate, is easily and radically cured by a few doses of it. 1831 Providence Jrl. (RI) [1 Jun 2]/2 neMA, I have heard some find fault with him, but not in any thing affecting his moral character. I know of nothing against it. I never prescribed for him in the bad disorder. 1835 Hersey Clericus 80 OH, I told her, the charge was for reporting that “her child that died some time ago, and the one that he had cured, had had the bad disorder, (venereal disease,) in consequence of Compson having taken it in Cincinnati.” 1871 Cincinnati Daily Enquirer (OH) 19 Feb 2/4, Mr. Fisk had given me a bad disease; I went to see Dr. Jones about it, . . and he advised me to tell my parents that I was sick and what I had. 1899 (1912) Green VA Folk-Speech, Bad disorder. . . Venereal disease. 1920 Morning Oregonian (Portland OR) 2 Sept 8/8, Why Married Women Work. . . May—Tried matrimony and depending on a husband for a living three times. No more. First one, booze; second one, bad disease; last one, too much other woman. 1930 Shoemaker 1300 Words cPA Mts (as of c1900), Bad disorder. 1949 Nelson Backwoods Teacher 247 (Hench Coll.) sAppalachians, Hi Slocum carried an extra large “seed-hog’s tush” in his pocket when he went “a visitin’,” because . . it was the surest way to keep from getting “ary bad disease.” 1958 PADS 29.7 TN, Syphilis is always referred to as the bad disease. c1960 Wilson Coll. csKY, Bad disease. . . Any venereal disease. “I’m afraid that boy’s got a bad disease.”