bacon meat

bacon meat n esp Midl Cf Intro “Language Changes” I.4


1841 Logansport Telegraph (IN) 11 Dec [4]/5 (, [Advt:] Smoked Bacon meat of corn fed Pork for sale. 1851 Hooper Widow Rugby’s Husband 38 AL, They drinks all Ben’s whiskey and most all his coffee, and eats up all his bacon-meat. 1946 AmSp 21.99 sIL, Redundancy is common among uneducated people, who say hound dog, bacon meat [etc]. 1952 Brown NC Folkl. 1.517 wNC, Bacon-meat. . . Bacon. 1968 in 1991 Burrison Storytellers 157 GA [Black], So this fellow he got his ax and his shotgun and gathered him up some food, such as bacon meat and so forth. 1999 Foxfire 11 236 nGA, We didn’t know what it was to go to the store and buy bacon or sausage or anything like that. We made our own sausage and dried our own bacon meat.