backset v

backset v, hence vbl n back-setting Upper MW hist

To replow land, esp newly broken sod.

1843 Cultivator 10.16 WI, The sod is turned over in June, from two to four inches deep, and then in the latter part of August or first of September, is dragged and backset, as we term it, or turned over again, and the wheat sowed. 1880 Harper’s New Mth. Mag. 60.531/2 ND, In the fall the decayed furrow is reversed, which is termed “back-setting”, and then the harrow is applied to tear the turf to tatters. 1884 Zion’s Herald (Boston MA) 19 Nov 1/4, After our seeding was all done, on our Dakota wheat farm, last spring, I had a little leisure time. . . So apart from doing a little “breaking” and “backsetting” for the neighbors, there was a lull in the farm work. 1894 Congressional Record 31 July 8047/2 MN, In some cases it will pay to “break and back-set” the roadway to kill out the weeds. 1935 Sandoz Jules 60 wNE (as of 1880–1930), He located new settlers; in return they backset his old land and broke out more.