baby-in-the-hole n Cf bunny-in-the-hole n

also baby hole: = roly-poly n 1. chiefly IL, WI Cf baby-in-the-hat n

1896 DN 1.411 csNY, Baby-in-the-hole: The game of roly-poly [played with a ball and small holes in the ground]. 1919 Oak Leaves (Oak Park IL) 7 June 34/3, After the regular business was cared for, an exciting game of “baby-in-the-hole” was played, much to the discomfort of Scout Ted Riddiford. 1932 Farrell Young Lonigan 127 Chicago IL (as of 1916), Here I am graduated . . and everything and everybody’s the same . . playing chase-one-chase-all, and blue-my-blackberry, and baby-in-the-hole. 1950 WELS (Outdoor games) 1 Inf, ceWI, Baby hole. 1957 Sat. Eve. Post Letters ceWI (as of c1912), Baby-In-The-Hole. The number of hole[s] are determined by the number of players. . . A tennis or soft ball is rolled from the “Taw Line,” object being to get the ball in one of the holes. Players other than “it” stand back of holes. Ball enters and stays in one hole, player whose hole it is picks up ball and throws it at one of the other players, attempting to hit him. . . If player is hit by ball, player becomes “it” and also has a “Baby” put in his hole. If thrower misses all players . . he puts a “baby” in his own hole and becomes “it.” . . “Baby” is a twig about the diameter of a wood match and not over one inch long. Game continues until one player gets a predetermined number of “babies,” usually ten. 1971 AmSp 46.84 Chicago IL, Ball, puck, and tin-can games [include] . . baby in the hole.

A marble game, perh = rolly-holey n.

1940 Recreation (NY) 34.110, A list of the many games of marbles played throughout the country [includes] . . Baby in the hole.