babushka n Also babooshka, bambushka, busha, bushka [Russ “grandmother”] chiefly Nth See Map Also called immigrant shawl n

A head-scarf, esp a triangular one tied under the chin.

1937 Ironwood Daily–Globe (MI) 16 Dec 6/1, “Babushka,” the little Russian peasant hood, designed to take the place of the bandana, comes in three different ways—it ties under the chin and is edged with sequins for glamor at night. Colored jersey is the thing for skiing or skating, and if you are down south get the gay cotton printed babushka. 1945 New Leader (Richmond VA) 2 Aug 14/3 (Hench Coll.) Hollywood CA, This headpiece [=shapka] is a cross between a “babushka” and a snood. 1950 WELS (A square cloth that women fold and tie over their heads) 23 Infs, WI, Babushka; 1 Inf, Babushka—[by] country kids, my daughters tell me;1 Inf, Babushka—within last ten or twelve years;1 Inf, Babushka and satka by older people in [the] community; 1 Inf, Bambushka; 1 Inf, Bushka or headscarf. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. W3) 139 Infs, chiefly sNEng, Inland Nth, Babushka; MI108, Babushka, busha [bəˈbᴜškə, ˈbušə]. 1997 DARE File—Internet [CoalSpeak] cePA, Babushka: Cloth worn on the head of elderly ladies, usually of garish colors. 2013–14 DARE Online Surv. WI Engl. WI (Qu. W3, A piece of cloth that a woman folds over her head and ties under her chin) 23 Infs, Babushka; 1 Inf, Babooshka. [24 of 95 eligible Infs who responded to this question, from 11 of 28 represented target communities; See Suppl Maps]