averages exclam Also everage Cf abbers exclam, evers exclam 1a, fudge n

In marble play: a call entitling a player to shoot from a better, but not closer, position; hence n averaging the employment of this privilege.

1969 DARE FW Addit KY36A, Calls used in keeps: . . Everage [ˈɛvrɪǰ]—a player could move his shooting hand to a more favorable angle unless another player said “bend [= vent exclam2] your fudge,” whereby the player shooting had to leave his hand where it was. 1983 MJLF 9.26 ceKY (as of c1940), There was in my youth in Estill County, at least to my way of thinking, a precision of language which seems to be missing from marble-playing language reported from elsewhere. . . “Averaging” I have found in no other place, but “averaging” plays such an integral part in a well-ordered marble game that it was the only advantage which, in our games, could not be “vented.” Ibid 30, Averages . . a call which enables moving the taw to a better position but no closer to the marbles being shot at.