toy n

1 An often large hard candy molded into some representative form, and sometimes further decorated—usu in var combs further specifying the material and appearance of the candy, as ( white or clear) sugar toy, ( clear) candy toy, and (now the usu form) clear toy; for addit combs see quots. orig scattered, but esp, and now chiefly, PA, DE, NJ, MD

1792 Independent Gaz. & Ag. Repository (Philadelphia PA) [15 Dec 3]/3, [Advt:] John Burge, Wholesale and Retail Confectioner, Late from Bristol,Takes this method to inform his Friends and the Public in general, that he has removed . . to No. 7, North Fourth-street. . . Christmass [sic] Sugar Toys may be had at the above place. 1815 KY Gaz. (Lexington) 13 Nov 1/5, [Advt:] Henry I. I. Robert, Continues to carry on the Confectionary Business, in Main-street, . . where he will keep a constant supply of Cakes, Candies, Sugar Toys, Confits, Syrups, Cordials, and generally all the articles in his line. 1835 Republican Farmer & Democratic Jrl. (Wilkes-Barre PA) [23 Dec 2]/3, [Advt:] A General assortment of Candies of every description, wholesale and retail.—Also a large supply of Candy Toys, suitable for Christmas and New Year presents. 1842 Sun (Baltimore MD) [27 June 3]/4, [Advt:] A Confectionary, &c. &c., for Auction. . . Segars; Candies; Nuts; Toys; Sweet-meats; Preserves; Syrups; Cordials; and Confectionary generally. 1845 Pub. Ledger (Philadelphia PA) [20 Nov 3]/7, [Advt:] White Sugar Toys!—A splendid assortment of the above articles can be had, wholesale and retail, in every variety of pattern and price, at the New York Confectionery. . . Also, Lemon Toys, Mintstick, and every variety of Candies. 1852 Detroit Free Press (MI) [21 Dec 3]/5, [Advt:] Mould, Painted, and Clear Sugar Toys. French, Iced and Chrystalized Sugar Toys. Gum Paste Sugar Toys. 1860 Godey’s Lady’s Book 61.524 NY, “A sugar toy, when our very closets were empty!” I thought, with returning bitterness; for, as I listened to the mirth and merriment going on around the tree where John stood, . . I saw that he too had received some baby prize decorated with ribbons, and gay with gilding. I crushed my own in my hand as I listened. 1866 Luzerne Union (Wilkes-Barre PA) [12 Dec 3]/8, [Advt:] Clear Toys, Plain Sugar Toys, Gilded Toys, Cornucopias, Sugar Almonds, Gum Drops [etc]. 1872 Lebanon Daily News (PA) 20 Nov 1/1, [Advt:] White & Clear Sugar Toys wholesale & retail, at Graeff’s. 1880 Shreveport Daily Times (LA) 16 Oct 1/2, [Advt:] Confectioneries. Full Lines Of Stick and Fancy Candies, Sugar Toys, Etc., Etc. 1890 Gettysburg Comp. (PA) 16 Dec [3]/1, [Advt:] French and common Candies from 10 to 75 cents per pound, White and Fruit Toys, Clear Toys, at Eph. H. Minnigh’s. 1919 Brooklyn Daily Eagle (NY) 12 Jan Sporting sec 10/3, Santa Claus Committee Meets. . . The menagerie with its half dozen sugar toys for each guest bade grownup days begone in reminiscences of younger days. 1925 Every Eve.–Wilmington Daily Commercial (DE) 10 Dec 3/5, [Advt:] Whitman’s Wonder Box for the kiddies, containing barley sugar, clear candy toys, solid chocolate animals. 1948 Millville Daily Republican (NJ) 11 Dec 3/1, [Advt:] Christmas Candies. . . Our Own Famous Hand Made Toys Lb. 60¢ Also A Big Assortment of Large Candy Toys. 1953 Eve. Sentinel (Carlisle PA) 30 Dec 4/3, Santa Claus presented each child with a toy and a large clear toy horse. 1968 DARE (Qu. H82b, Kinds of cheap candy that used to be sold years ago) Inf DE3, Clear toys. 1972 Lancaster New Era (PA) 23 Dec 26/4, In a year’s time, the total ouput of clear toys runs about 900 to 1,000 pounds, although in the past Regennas has hit close to 1,500 pounds. 1977 Asbury Park Press (NJ) 13 Dec sec C 6/3, [Advt:] Visit The Old Monmouth Christmas Candy Store Featuring The Old Time Favorites . . Candy Toys. 1986 Morning News (Wilmington DE) 27 Nov sec F 1/6 (as of c1915), My brother and I eagerly awaited the assorted hard candies associated with the season, our favorite being the clear toy candy—red, yellow, amber and green. An hour of bliss could be enjoyed from licking and sucking at a candy Santa with pack, a frog riding a bicycle, or dogs and other assorted animals. 2017 Morning Call (Allentown PA) 20 Oct sec A 3/4, [Advt:] Mink’s Candies and Gifts Clear Toy Candy is back for Fall! Lollipops & Pieces lb. $13.99.

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