cliff lettuce

cliff lettuce n sIN

A shooting star n (here: Primula frenchii).

1960 Indianapolis Star (IN) 19 Mar [19]/1, All three grow along the base of our cliffs along flat rock, where may also be seen rock columbines, shooting star (also called cliff lettuce), buttercups . . and oh, so many others. 1973 Kluger Wild Flavor 72 sIN, There were other greens . . that have fascinating colloquial names: “woolly britches,” . . “cliff lettuce,” and “wild cabbage.” 1987 Herald (Jasper IN) 8 Sept 10/5, At a meeting in Branchville a few years back I learned to my horror that the locals called this rare plant [= French’s shooting star] “Cliff Lettuce” and found it quite good to eat.