clearn adv

clearn adv [Blend of clean + clear] chiefly NEast obs Cf clearn v

All the way, entirely.

1837 Auburn Jrl. & Advt. (NY) 6 Dec [2]/2, Well I went clearn to Orbern, and they told me that the tarnal fox had eat up all thare chickens to. 1843 Boston Post (MA) 9 Mar 1/6, He needn’t say nothing about mouth! Jest look at his, Mr President; it goes clearn round, and makes the top of his cranny-um, as he calls it, an island. 1854 Holmes Tempest & Sunshine 363 KY [Black], Poor dear marster! Trouble’s done driv him clearn mad. 1860 Street Woods & Waters 114 neNY, Sometimes you’d hev to go a mild or so clearn round where the stream made a spread. Ibid 296, They’ve skeered ’m clearn away. 1892 DN 1.209 MA, Clearn through [kliən]: clear through, clean through. Perhaps it is clean influenced by clear. Plymouth and Cambridge [MA]. [DN Ed: Also at Southwest Harbor, Me., [kliən] has been heard.] 1905 DN 3.58 NE, Rarely n is added in the phrase clear(n) through. 1908 Atlantic Mth. 102.469 ME, I brought some of it clearn home with me to show. Ibid, It was strainin’ work, but I coopered him after awhile an’ gut him clearn down an’ int’ the bo’t.