clear light

clear light adv phr chiefly S Midl, esp sAppalachians Cf clear n C

Completely, entirely.

1907 Cleburne New Era (Heflin AL) [14 Dec 7]/1 nwGA, This up-start of a youngster has been off to some institution of learning . . and got his mind all out of fix, and his judgement is clear light gone. 1919 Dargan in Atlantic Mth. 346 cwNC, She got so many sweet apples last night she’s foundered herself,—clear light ruined, granpap says. 1932 Dargan Call Home 134 cwNC, Listen to that thing! Jest clear light crazy. 1932 Ft. Payne Jrl. (AL) 27 July 1/4, And how we enjoyed the meal—so much that we clear-light forgot the depression. 1943 May Jerry Jake 22 eTN, “Reckon Grandpappy clear light forgot,” Jerry Jake was thinking. 1957 Simpson Co. News (Mendenhall MS) 28 Nov [2]/1, Charlie and Mr. Watts were so busy discussing the special session of the legislature . . they “clear-light” forgot to discuss the oil well. 2005 Williams Gratitude 486 wNC (as of 1940s), Cler light: completely, totally. I cler light forgot about it. 2018 Pocahontas Star Herald (AR) 30 Aug sec A 4/3, With my old man’s short term memory loss I “clear light forgot” to write my column last week.