chicken sallet

chicken sallet n Cf chicken lettuce n, salad n B1

An unidentified edible green.

1982 Slone How We Talked 47 eKY (as of c1950), These plants were eaten for salet (greens), but not cooked: they were salted and “killed” (pouring hot grease on them). . . Chicken salet. 1995 Slone in Farr Table Talk 9 eKY, We loved to get out early in the spring and pick the wild greens, the plantain, shoestring—which some people call chicken sallet, others call it bird’s-nest—and crowsfoot. Shoestring is a little flower that grows on top of rocks, and it blooms real early. You can eat the whole plant except the roots. It grows about five-inches tall and has real small leaves, and you eat the plant, flower, leaves, and all. You cut it up and use it just like you would lettuce.